Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity

Thank you for your continued support of Habitat for Humanity.

People recognize this as Jimmy Carter’s program with something to do about housing for the poor. Actually, it’s a well thought out program that allows people to purchase a home with a zero fee interest loan and many required hours of sweat equity. This sweat equity is combined with non-denominational volunteers from religious organizations, corporate assistance from critical companies supplying materials and food or discounts on needed items, and financial institutions.

The owner of the house can get out of the rut of renting and leaves behind one life, while joining the ranks of homeowners around the world. This is something magical. Those that actively work with the groups, work side by side with the new homeowners. They are building “their own home”.

Visit the Habitat for Humanity of Greater Lowell Homepage at www.habitat.org/ma/westford/hfh-greater-lowell

This is God’s work.


Current Building Sites:

  • Concord MA – Ongoing
  • Billerica, MA – Land just purchased!
  • Critical Home Repairs in Lowell, Wakefield, Chelmsford, and North Reading

Coming Up

Kevin Fusco the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Lowell will be visiting us during worship at both services.

Your support plays a big role in helping families in Greater Lowell build and improve places to call home. A safe, affordable home builds strength, stability, and self-reliance. It also leaves families more to spend on food, medicine, childcare, education, and other essentials. Whether you volunteer with us, donate financially, or spread the word about our mission, your support transforms families in our community

  • Volunteer at a build site.Both individuals and organizations can volunteer at our current build sites! You’ll be working alongside our construction crew but don’t worry, no experience is required.
  • Volunteer at our ReStore.Our ReStore in North Billerica supports a lot of the work we do. Both individuals and groups can volunteer at our ReStore. We always need help accepting items, organizing the store, etc. When we can’t accommodate volunteers at a build site, this is a great opportunity! 
  • Volunteer with our Critical Home Repair team. This is for volunteers who have a background in the construction industry and can help our team with specific, one- or two-day projects as they come up.

If you want to volunteer, the best place to start is the Greater Lowell Habitat for Humanity website to learn more. You can also contact our Outreach Coordinator, Norma, at outreach@lowellhabitat.org. She can set you up with our volunteer sign-up website.